EMP Designs embeds EtherCAT P technology into HR Wallingford’s wave measurements

Making waves in industrial technology

EMP Designs, electronic and industrial design specialists, has partnered with HR Wallingford to deliver a major update to its world-leading wave generation systems.

HR Wallingford has a long-standing reputation for delivering practical solutions to complex water-related challenges faced by international clients – from helping protect communities that are vulnerable to hurricanes to designing new commercial waterfronts.

Wave generation systems are not only essential for HR Wallingford’s own physical modelling laboratories but are also sold to its customers around the world.

As with many industrial systems, the wavemakers previously used complex analogue signals, so HR Wallingford sought an upgrade that would simplify the wave control system and reduce maintenance.

The Solution

HR Wallingford’s wave generation systems now use EtherCAT technology at their core. By partnering with EMP Designs the hydraulic experts were able to source unique EtherCAT products which fit seamlessly into the EtherCAT structure.

The Product

EMP Designs created a compact, IP-rated bespoke embedded controller, which allows four wave sensors and multiple limit sensors to be directly connected close to source, minimising cabling and installation costs.

The Benefits

By bringing together EMP Design’s electronic knowhow and HR Wallingford’s wavemaker knowledge, the partners created technology which:

  • Provides customised, embedded components
  • Improves reliability and robustness – it can be placed in harsh, industrial environments without being damaged by dust or water
  • Reduces overall system manufacturing costs – thanks to simplified construction and shorter cable lengths
  • Increases efficiency – as the distributed components are easy to install and service, and problems are more straightforward to diagnose.

If you would like to know more about using embedded EtherCAT technology for industrial or scientific purposes, please get in contact.