Plug Top Dimmer video thumbnail

‘How to use’ video series – Plug Top Dimmer

The first in a series of our instructional videos for our lighting products explains how to use and set up Plug Top Dimmer for easy radio control of tungsten lights on film/tv sets.

New apprentices take on design challenges

Our expanding team of apprentices face design challenges to build their problem solving skills. See team at work…

Image of man by HRW Wallingford wave panels

EMP Designs embeds EtherCAT P technology into HR Wallingford’s wave measurements

HR Wallingford’s wave generation systems now use EtherCAT technology after EMP Designs created an IP-rated bespoke embedded controller.

19 years delivering custom electronic design

For 19 years, EMP has been delivering innovative electronic designs for their clients. And we’ve been in our new design & manufacturing facility for 1 year delivering more inventive, high quality client solutions.

Matt Murray EMP Operations Director

Matt Murray, Operations Director

Our Operations Director has been with us one year managing the manufacturing process as EMP grows, ensuring its commitment to quality and rapid customer service is never compromised.

Pick and place machines for electronic design

Electronic Engineering Equipment: Pick and Place Machines

Electronic engineer equipment: The pick and place machines. They deliver high quality PCBs to enable rapid response to R&D projects with high quality prototypes & in-house batch processes.

Electronic and systems apprentice at work

Engineering Apprenticeships and Work Experience

Meet Oliver, doing a day a week pre-apprentice work experience. Find out more about Oliver and electronic & mechanical design opportunities at EMP Designs.

Zoe senior design engineer

Women in Science

On the UN’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Zoe our senior design engineer explains how her career unfolded and how she’s supporting the next generation of girls.

Electronic equipment: jetter solder machine

Electronic Engineering Equipment: The Jetter Machine

Our jetter machine has significantly improved the speed of our response – we can create higher quality PCB boards within half an hour allowing rapid turnaround of our bespoke electronic designs.

Electronical and Mechanical Engineer pprentice Lewis at work at EMP Designs

Electronic & Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeships at EMP Designs

EMP Designs greatly value having and developing young apprentices and are involved with local colleges. Find out more about the experience of current apprentice Lewis and what he’s been up to…