Cone Lamp

EMP designed a self orienting 360 degree warning lamp with built in compass. It is radio linked allowing multiple lights to be set by a single operator. The lamp can be placed using automated equipment. When combined with cone laying equipment this allows the whole process to be automated. No more need for operators in the road. If knocked the lamp will re-orient itself to point in the correct direction.


  • Unsolved Idea / Problem

    Client discussed with EMP the need to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of handling and placing cone lights.

  • Invention

    EMP designed a system of full automation for placing lights on cones and then on the road, with self-diagnostic charging of lamps and radio linked remote control. EMP also invented an entirely new light with self-orientation via an inbuilt compass.

  • Design Detail

    Full design detail included mechanisms to place lamps, and distribute cones from a truck. EMP compiled and programmed low cost micro-electronic components for the lamp, using high brightness LEDs & improved battery technology.

  • Review

    All systems and product were fully reviewed.

  • Prototype

    EMP built lamp prototypes in-house.

  • Develop

    Additional safety features were added – light colour change for road incidents or low temperatures / ice.

  • Build

    Further prototypes were built in-house and the product was patented.