Cinelex, Project Spectre – DMX Lighting Control Range

EMP Designs teamed up with Cinelex, a broadcast, video and film lighting specialist supplier, on the launch of their Universal Wireless DMX control products.

Launched as Project Spectre, the products were a  response to the demand for a standard, portable, high functioning and sturdy wireless DMX system that can work with any DMX controllable light.

Cinelex took their concept for the Spectre TRX to EMP, who developed the embedded radio solution using technology from Lumen Radio, providing a one-stop solution from concept to reality. The Spectre Desk & SkyNode developed by EMP Designs, were added to the range.

Definition Magazine ran an article on the Spectre TRX, noting “It could be the world’s first wireless DMX system to be powered via the same battery powering as the light, and “it’s already starting to set the standard in universal wireless DMX control”.