80 Ton Platform Control

We were entrusted with the smooth, safe control of a 80 ton platform for the special effects sinking of a Venetian building in a final scene for the James Bond movie Casino Royale.


  • Unsolved Idea / Problem

    Having previously worked with the 007 special effects department, they came to EMP for our industrial control and motion control knowledge looking to create a final scene for a Bond movie, where a Venetian building sinks into a canal.

  • Invention

    Working with special effects building structures, we designed the systems to allow the precision control and smooth and safe operation of a huge rig that sank giant motion bases into large water tanks, for carefully choreographed sequences.

  • Design Detail

    Design detail included the mechanics and control of three giant motion bases, the largest weighing 80 tonnes.

  • Review

    We reviewed all systems with the client.

  • Prototype

    The rig and bases were built, and the control systems programmed.

  • Develop

    We worked with the client on different camera angle requirements, interior and exterior, as the stunts and action were planned.

  • Build

    Platforms ready to go, we followed the control requirements of the special effects supervisor, Chris Corbould, to achieve the stunning special effects.