EMP turns 19, with 1st year in new state-of-the-art facility

For 19 years, EMP has been delivering innovative electronic designs for their clients. The focus on always being inventive and maximising the benefits of each design has never waned, and the ethos of high quality, rapid response means the business continues to grow stronger.

1 year in new state-of-the-art facility

Now working out of a custom redesigned 6500ft2 facility in Camberley, the upstairs is dedicated to the R&D department and housing management and admin quarters, whilst the downstairs homes the manufacturing production lines for small and large goods: the PCB suite and the larger mechanical production spaces, along with an EMC chamber. 

EMP always invests in equipment to ensure it can manipulate the latest technologies and build to the highest standards in-house. With a structured aluminium system installed throughout the new premises, cables can be routed for testing. This structure also allows for prototype light concepts to be hung in a real-work setting to enable improvements to be made functionally and mechanically. 

How did EMP Designs start? 

It all started in a 11ft square shed in Surrey. EMP founder, Dan, was approached by a film special effects team whilst studying for his PhD. The challenge of these real-life projects was too absorbing and the work kept coming. Thus EMP Designs was ignited and in the shed the first order was completed single-handed: a sizable contract of LED lighting with numerous circuit boards and controllers to bring to life the functioning of a spaceship console for a science fiction movie. 

Before long, the production line extended into Dan’s garage where he set up a machine shop. He quickly ran out of space in the garage, and so put up a marquee on his patio. With nowhere left to go, it was time to take on a commercial space.

The 1000ft2 unit in Camberley felt enormous. And Dan started to recruit additional team members to fill the space and help produce the goods. The team and the work has continued to grow steadily since with projects becoming more varied but generally consisting of a mix of electronic projects and large motion control systems. 

Film projects, lighting specialist, industrial design and more

2 projects that really stood for Dan in the early years were large motion control adventures. Firstly the sinking of a Venetian building for Casino Royale, the 21st Bond movie. This involved a 6-axis hydraulic system to sink a 25m3 film set that weighed 80 tonnes. Secondly, the challenges of the fantastical candy barge boat from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory mounted to a 4 axis hydraulic system. (links) 

The team has grown to 13 staff, and has continued working for the film industry in both motion control and in its specialism LED lighting control, for which it has become a market leader. However, the business has also undertaken projects for events and shows, retail businesses, industrial design for automotive, rail and road industries as well as working with architects and more. 

At home in Camberley

A year ago, the business moved to the new HQ in Camberley, where the complete refurbishment of the space has given them a state of the art facility that is finally coming to completion. There’s much to be excited about, and still in 19 years, EMP Designs hasn’t been given a challenge it couldn’t solve! 

Please get in contact to chat about any electronic, mechanical or industrial design challenges.