EMP Designs Operations Director at work on electronic design


Matt manages the manufacturing processes for client products to ensure the continued delivery of the highest quality, rapid and responsive service that EMP prides itself on. 

Originally brought on board for his expertise in distribution and to help manage the major move from Farnborough to Camberley, it quickly became apparent Matt’s skillset was an asset to the smooth running of the business. Matt ensures client deadlines are met and that the equipment and infrastructure is used to the best effect with constant improvement. This is important as the team keeps growing! 

Experience brought to EMP
Matt has enjoyed a diverse career having served in the Royal Navy with the Commando Helicopter Forces and as an aircraft engineer. He has also worked for Virgin Atlantic Airways, where for 14 years he managed the aircraft maintenance operation in the main London hubs and globally. He’s also picked up an MBA from Henley Business School along the way. And as if that isn’t enough, he also has experience in the film industry, having first met Dan some years ago working as a special effects engineer and collaborating on electronics projects for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He’s enjoyed returning to the world of films!

 Change of Pace 

The move to EMP Designs has been a massive lifestyle and career change, and one Matt has taken to with great relish. “Having come from big budget 300 member teams, huge facilities and massive infastructures, things were very different. At EMP its a small team but with a giant spirit. Everyone gets involved and has the chance to get stuck in. There’s a real entrepreneurial buzz and it’s great to be a part of.” 

Alongside his key roles, Matt has enjoyed getting involved in all areas, including his first experience of having input into the design of products. Like many of the team at EMP, he enjoys the diversity of the projects and daily work. He helps ensure the delivery of EMP’s key line in successful lighting control products, but is also embracing the development of the larger mechanical designs. And all this within cycling distance of his home. A slight change from the international travel and daily 4 hour return journey of his last role. 

Apprentice Schemes 

Having experience of re-introducing apprentice schemes at Virgin, Matt is a champion of the programmes. He believes they are an opportunity to see young people ‘develop and shine’, whilst bringing many benefits to a small business. EMP Designs now has a number of apprentices and students. “It gives real opportunity for steady growth in the workforce and for nurturing new talent with a chance to tailor development in line with business needs. Apprentices can make a real practical difference alongside learning the theory, which is great for everyone.” 

Quality Assurance 

Responsibility for quality control is a major priority for Matt’s management. Commitment to the highest standards of product design has always been a key company ethos. Whilst production of some parts is outsourced, the final client products are put together in-house. Testing is carried out at multiple stages of the build and then again before being shipped.  

“I know what EMP is capable of. They are always going to be market-leading. Everything is constantly developed and they are always anticipating clients’ future needs to deliver solutions before being asked. It’s not surprising that the biggest movie rental companies want EMP’s products.” 

Matt is ensuring that all build processes at EMP are as efficient as possible, as well as being accurate, consistent, fast, easy to produce and service and generally first rate. This involves the production of small PCBs but also increasingly substantial mechanical designs with industrial process with higher power inputs. As the products are getting bigger and heavier Matt ensures the thoroughly training and developing of the team skills in dealing with heavy electronics. 

If you’d like to speak to Matt about any aspect of EMP Design’s work, then get in touch or click here to find our more about the rest of the team.