Plug Top Dimmer video still in use with Radio Desk & tungsten lamp

Instructional video for Plug Top Dimmer

The team at EMP Designs prides itself on well-designed, easy-to-use products. To assist our users further and ensure they are getting the most out of our range, we have created the first of a series of instruction videos.

Our first video explains how to use and set up our Plug Top Dimmer which makes radio control of tungsten light features on film/tv sets easy.

Teo, from the EMP team, simply shows the key functions – how to address the product, the ease of changing channels, how to lock and how to sync and de-sync.

We will be adding further videos to the series for each of our key products. If there is one in particular you would like to see, please get in contact.

The Plug Top Dimmer also has a QR code on the back linking to further product details.

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