LV5 – Handheld LED Controller

The LV5 handheld controller is our market leading, 5 channel, LED controller with embedded radio and RGBW control with 4 amps per channel.

This product was developed following a client request to add cold and warm white to the earlier LV3’s RGB, giving RGBW control. It has since become sought after in the industry and we regularly develop additional custom modes for our clients’ specific requirements.

With the capability for manual or remote setting our units are small, flat and discreet – easily hiding in costumes, or settings. Controlling LED strip at high frequency, they’ve been used for the likes of adding atmosphere to scenes and lighting up superhero and other costumes.


Options and adjustments are screwdriver applied to ensure a flat, ‘invisible’ product.

2 primary modes:

  • Manual– with adjustable brightness for each of the 4 RGBW channels where illuminating, tuning colour and brightness as a static controller is required.
  • Radio control– with one click, switch to the in-built Lumen Radio, to take remote control of features from difficult to reach or moving locations.

Modes 0-9 – allowing manual or radio selection along with any other variations required e.g. bi-colour mode brightness and CCT modes.

Further custom modes we’ve created for clients include 16-bit mode for a finer resolution, 8-bit control but with a specified set percentage resolution, and RGB plus global to dim whole colour up and down.

RDMX port – with light to show what the radio controller is doing/if radio is in use

Sync button – clears memory and connects to radio desks

Analogs – 0 to 100%

100s, 10s, 1s dials – to set the radio address for the DMX with 512 channels available

BO – option to black out / turn all outputs off

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This product is our standard configuration available from our sister company TrueLED. At EMP Designs, There are no limits to how we can manipulate or develop the specifications to your needs. Please contact us to discuss.