Plug top dimmer

Our new plug top dimmer makes radio control of tungsten light features on film/tv sets easy.

We have been asked by a number of lighting gaffers and lighting designers to come up with an “easy to useradio lamp dimmer for period dramas. So we developed a small (100mm x 55mm x 42mm) plug top timmer that provides accurate trailing edge dimming while incorporating overload and over temperature protection.

The dimmer can be simply plugged into the original outlet and a lamp can be plugged into the plug top dimmer and immediately provide radio control of that light.

As with a number of our products we closely work with Lumen Radio to give fast and reliable radio control.

Click below for our ‘HOW TO USE’ video – click in bottom right corner of video for full screen.


This product is our standard configuration. There are no limits to how we can manipulate or develop the specifications to your needs. Please contact us to discuss.