Electronic and systems apprentice at work

Pre-apprentice work experience

We are pleased to welcome Oliver to EMP Designs. Oliver is a student at Farnborough 6th Form College where he is studying physics, maths and chemistry.  He’ll be joining us for 1 day a week around his studies, and hopefully for additional work in the college holidays. He already has an OCR Cambridge National qualification in Systems and Control in Engineering under his belt. He was awarded a level 2 Distinction on the Level 1/2 certificate.  He will be joining our manufacturing team supporting the creation of EMP products.

Oliver undertakes engineering projects in his free time, including designing and building a functional radio-controlled hovercraft. He is currently working on a small Tesla coil.  He impressed us at interview with his passion and enthusiasm for developing products and his exceptionally high-quality wiring skills when faced with wiring up a plug.

How work experience works at EMP Designs

This part time job was advertised through the local colleges.  We see great potential in securing future talent by tapping into the apprenticeship system.  The one day a week allows us to get a feel for each other before considering a full apprenticeship.  Additional work in the school holidays offers students the opportunity to further widen their skills and experience.

The experience students can get at EMP Designs

Oliver will gain a greater understanding of how products are built which will directly aid his ability to design products that are efficient to manufacture in the future.  He will develop his ability to accurately manipulate and use tools in order to ensure the quality of his making is high.

Using and understanding more tools over time will widen his exposure to the operations in real design and manufacturing situations.  We hope it will broaden his knowledge of how electronics works and he can gain from the expertise of EMP’s trained designers. This practical experience allows our part-time students to learn skills which are often hard to teach as part of an academic study program.

Why we support young engineers and seek apprentices

We feel it is really important to enthuse and support students who are passionate about our industry.  In order for EMP to continue to create innovative products that utilise leading edge technology we need ideas, solutions and creative thinking and bringing new people into the business helps achieve this.

We also need designers whose designs don’t just work in theory but work in practise. Therefore, offering students an opportunity to learn and apply skills practically really helps them to be rounded and high-level designers in the future.  We hope that they will take an interest in the range and variety of bespoke products we design and make and want to aspire to work with us during and after their studies are complete.

The skills required for work experience / apprenticeships at EMP Designs

  • You need to have strong communication skills, both written and verbal with an ability to build and sustain good relationships with colleagues and clients.
  • To fit into EMP Design’s culture, being a team player with a good sense of humour and a positive outlook is essential.
  • An ability to adapt and work well under pressure on multiple tasks is essential due to the rapid response times our clients often require.

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