Bespoke micro radio DMX pixel controller

Micro Radio DMX pixel controller – created for use on film sets

Working regularly with film makers, we created a micro radio DMX pixel controller for use on set. At only 12mm wide, it is exactly the same width as LED strip, allowing the controller to be completely hidden away, ideal for use on lead active props.

It receives the full DMX universe, enabling control of every individual LED on addressable RGBW strip and the creation of any colour or pattern. More controllers can be added to address more than the full DMX 512 channels. This device has been popular already being used to illuminate many movie weapons.

We also developed a recordable version of the radio DMX pixel controller. This allows a pre-defined light pattern to be programmed in and run back on a repeating loop via 2 playback buttons to minimise background pattern channel usage.

In line with this technology, our customers have also requested many bespoke custom single circuit board contained units, which have the LEDs on one side of the circuit board and the control electronics on the back, and sometimes the battery too!!. These have been used to produce a range of other lighting effects on film props, including lanterns, flickering candles and glowing fireplace embers.

Look out for our new 12mm wide five channel 5M strip controller coming soon!