Film & TV lighting motion and animatronics

Film & TV lighting, motion and animatronics

EMP Designs was first set up when a film company came to our founder Dan Stanton and asked for some help with a bespoke electronics project. Dan has always loved an electronics challenge, so he set to solving it! Once complete, more requests came in and Dan set up EMP. This year the company is 15 years old and although we’ve diversified into many other areas and sectors, our film and TV work is still going strong and we’re proud to work with some of the industry’s finest.

We’d love to shout about all our projects, but many of them are confidential and we have to keep our enthusiasm to ourselves. However, we’ve created an infographic for our Projects webpage to give an overview of our work in this industry across lighting, motion and animatronics. To see the full details go to Projects.