LV5 pico – smaller handheld LED controller

The LV5 pico has been developed to sit alongside the LV5 – our market leading handheld LED controller. The pico unit is half the size at 61 x 50 x 13 mm and designed for situations where a compact controller is required, such as smaller props and costumes.

With the reduced size, we have had to change the way the unit is controlled. It requires a radio RDM connection for set up, or alternatively there is a socket to plug in a RDM master, which will allow you to configure the unit.

The size reduction, and move to RDM control has allowed us to remove the pots and BCDs.

The design ensures it uses the same connectors as the LV5 to allow for ease of testing. You can test with the standard LV5 and then plug in the LV5 Pico without changing the connectors. The functionality also remains the same, with 5 outputs at 4 amps each.

You may also be interested in the LV5 full specifications or the LV5 HP.

This product is our standard configuration available from our sister company TrueLED. At EMP Designs, There are no limits to how we can manipulate or develop the specifications to your needs. Please contact us to discuss.