• LED balloon lighting

LED balloon lighting

We’ve been working with the talented team at Leelium on their latest LED balloon lighting innovation. Helium balloons are an incredibly effective way to light any site as you can float the light above a film set and control colour and brightness output. Bi-colour LED balloon-lights are often used for film, TV and event lighting where mounting lights to the ceiling is not practical or acceptable.

Leelium came to EMP Designs wanting help to develop a super-light-weight bicolour LED panel to give them the ability to change the white light between a warm 2700 to a cool 6500 Kelvin. They needed a high output with low energy and fundamentally a super-light solution. Helium balloons have minimal lift capacity especially when you consider the mass of fabric that the balloons have to lift as well.  As such EMP designed a custom lightweight LED array (panel) of high CRI LEDs.

In addition, we developed a custom, flickerless, LED controller that provided individual control of multiple panels to create chase patterns and sequences in a single balloon. Control can be accessed via local manual control knobs, Bluetooth, Lumen radio or by hardwiring DMX straight in.

Using internal capabilities we were able to machine a heatsink profile into the rear of the actual PCB allowing more heat to be released in the same area while reducing critical weight reduction.

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