LV5 HP – Handy-sized LED controller

The LV5 HP is the latest of our handy-sized LED controllers. It was developed in response to clients’ needs for ease of manual control and higher current output, giving flexible control of twice as many LEDs as the standard LV5.

The LV5 HP provides 5 channels of LED output control at 8AMPs per channel. The controller can be powered at 12-24 volts to match the LED strip being used.  It works with a Lumen radio compliant transmitter.

The LV5 HP is bigger than the standard LV5, measuring approximately 106 x 90 x 34 mm (aerial height is an additional 34mm). This provides users with a larger interface allowing easy manual control without a screwdriver.  The unit also provides a higher output of 8 amps rather than 4.  The LV5 HP has a larger connector set to support the higher current rating.

It also has a menu display to aid with setup, with three main options:

  • TEST – automatically cycles through the five channels to allow the user to check function and if there are any wiring faults.
  • MODE – allows the user to set the controller’s functionality.
  • DMX – allows the user to assign the DMX start address for the controller.

The LV5 HP has 6 modes:

  • Mode 1: Radio 5 channel individual control via lumen radio compliant transmitter. You can control red, green, blue, white and warm white individually.
  • Mode 2: Bi-colour LED mode via Lumen radio compliant transmitter. Allows you to wire a bi-colour LED strip into channels 1-2 and another bi-colour strip into channels 3-4.  You can then control colour and intensity with radio channels 1-2 and 3-4.
  • Mode 3: Bi-colour LED mode as above, but outputs 1-2 and 3-4 are both controlled by radio channels 1-2.
  • Mode 4: As per mode 1, but uses the pop out local control instead of radio.
  • Mode 5: As per mode 2, but uses the pop out local control instead of radio.
  • Mode 6: As per mode 3, but uses the pop out local control instead of radio.

The sync button is to clear the memory allowing users to sync to a different Lumen radio compliant transmitter.

LV LED controller range product summary table

Table of LV products comparing size and functionality


This product is our standard configuration. There are no limits to how we can manipulate or develop the specifications to your needs. Please contact us to discuss.