Handheld LED Controllers

A good few years back, following a request for a handheld LED controller, we created the LV3, which became a market leader. This was updated to the LV4 and now we have a full range of LV5 products which incorporate the latest technologies and are still leading the market.

Working with film production companies since our inception, we are always liaising with our clients to anticipate their developing requirements and to make sure we are exploiting all the new technologies available.

The LV5 handheld controller is a 5 channel, LED controller with embedded radio and RGBW control with 4 amps per channel. We regularly develop additional custom modes for our clients’ specific requirements.

We also created the LV5 HP in response to clients’ needs for ease of manual control and higher current output, giving flexible control of twice as many LEDs as the standard LV5.

And of course, the LV5 Pico for situations where a compact controller is required, such as smaller props and costumes.

For our full range of lighting control products LV5 and beyond, see our Products page.