40 way radio desk transmitter

40 Way Radio Desk Transmitter

Following the success of our standard radio desk transmitter which provides easy and portable control of 8 channels, we have been asked to develop a desk with the same features but more channels. Introducing the 40 way desk….

There 32 sliders, and 8 flash buttons delivering 40 channels. Each slider provides a channel of easy access and real-time control.

With a manual interface, Lumen Radio technology inside, it takes just 5 AA batteries to run for over 24 hours.

The unit works well with the LV4 & LV4 Pro.


Sliders 1- 32 – to vary brightness, movement direction or axis control

Flash buttons 33-40 –  turn from 0% to 100% instantly

Sync button – clears memory and connects to new source

Down / Up buttons – to change DMX address

Digital DMX Address display