Radio Desk

New extended operating mode for Radio Desk software

every DMX channel can now be assigned as an active channel

Introducing ‘Pages’ – New Radio Desk Software 

In collaboration with Cinelex, our developers have created new software that will drastically change the capabilities of our Radio Desk from 8 active channels to a full DMX universe.

Our 8 channel desk was designed as a simple, compact, portable unit to provide instant access to 8 easy channels of control. It is a highly popular item in the film and TV industry and is used around the world. However, speaking to users, we had requests for more complex functionality to allow the same unit to be used to set up more complicated and detailed lighting scenes, which would normally require a much larger desk.

With the new software, Pages mode allows  every-single address to be assigned as an active channel. Users can move through the 512 DMX channels in pages. Each Page represents 8 channels, with 64 Pages in total.

 Intelligent Memory

The new pages can be saved  and edited as part of an ‘Intelligent Memory’ system. This ensures parameter states are retained,  meaning a light will remain continually active and set, even when controlling  fixtures across multiple Pages. In addition, all fixture settings remain constant until the applicable fader is activated, avoiding sudden jumps when Pages are changed.

With some complex LED lights requiring multiple channels to control one head, this software extends the capability to control significantly more lights and larger scenes.

Research & Development

At EMP Designs, we take great pride in talking to our clients and product users and ensuring that we deliver the best technology and solutions. We are always seeking to evolve and develop to meet new requirements.  Users often know what they want, but don’t understand how it might work and what the problems might be. We listen, then design, develop and test as quickly and responsively as possible to deliver high functioning, quality products.


All DESK-TX8 from January 2018 will include the new features as standard, at no extra cost. We are delighted to have worked with Cinelex on this project. The new desks are available from them now.