LV8 Pro - 8 channel radio embedded LED controller

LV8 Pro arrives

The LV8 is now available in LV8 Pro version. The LV8 is a popular product from our market-leading LV range of radio embedded LED controllers. It is one of our larger products offering 8 channels. The LV8 Pro is a streamlined, more powerful version, with 8 amps of power per channel.

As with all our controllers, it is quality designed and built in the UK to deliver the best in reliable flicker-free lighting control.

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Radio Desk Transmitter

Portable Radio Desk Transmitter

Our standard radio desk transmitter provides easy and portable control of 8 channels, with a manual interface, Lumen Radio technology inside, and taking just 2 AA batteries to run for 10 hours.

Each slider provides a channel of easy access and real-time control – these have been used for lighting, motor control, movement and high level control for puppeteers and animatronics.

The radio desk works well with our LV4.


Flash buttons 1-8 – turn from 0% to 100% instantly

Sliders 1 – 8 – to vary brightness, movement direction or axis control

Sync button – clears memory and connects to new source

Down / Up buttons – to change DMX address

Digital DMX address display

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