Rail Points Actuator

We were asked to create an electric points actuator using a brushless motor to prolong the life of a crucial piece of equipment. Our solution delivered capability beyond the requirement, offering further future efficiency, safety and process improvements.


  • Unsolved Idea / Problem

    Initial meeting was held with client to discuss their need for a brushless servo motor for a rail points actuator to improve its longevity. Together we considered existing material and systems and EMP saw the opportunity to improve maintenance intervals thereby reducing risks significantly.

  • Invention

    Considering new technologies, EMP invented a completely new actuator, that met the brief, offered a soft closure solution further improving efficiency and opened scope for feedback data & systems. EMP delivered 3D space models, renderings and 3D printed media to the client.

  • Design Detail

    Once the concept was approved, EMP designed all the detailed mechanical and electronic requirements.

  • Review

    3D data and concepts were reviewed with the client.

  • Prototype

    EMP built a high quality prototype in-house and then tested this with the client in a full operating environment.

  • Develop

    Testing resulted in the client correcting the original specification details. The product functioned well in its live environment. Further developments for improving capability were identified for the future.

  • Build

    EMP built a small batch of further prototypes in-house, which are currently undergoing prolonged testing with the client. The product capability is beyond the brief, with potential for far reaching safety, efficiency and maintenance improvements.